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Sur Ron X Bike (Black Edition)

Sur Ron X Bike (Black Edition)

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This is a limited edition. Included is an upgraded motorcycle grade needle bearing headset much more reliable and tougher than old headset.  
Sine Wave X-Controller (more details here) quieter, smoother and more powerful than stock controller of the base model
Regenerative coasting in Sport mode charges the battery when letting off throttle
60v 31.9ah panasonic battery  (Big, awesome battery for long range and high power)
O-Ring Chain for quieter and longer use
Sportier handlebars and hand grips
You can find more information on this fork here
This has the X-controller with Regen breaking and quieter operation. 80amps of power (5200 watts)
Other than the above items the X bike is the same as the standard Sur Ron with the added above features.  The most significant upgrade is its state of the art sine wave controller which makes it quieter and more powerful with much smoother throttle response. 
IMPORTANT NOTE:  These bikes are shipped road legal limited to 20mph and 750 watt to make them legal in most states, a 5 minute modification requiring a simple screw driver will take all limits off the bike to make it a full 5200 watts and illegal for road use in all 50 states
In road legal mode this bike has over 40 miles of range.
Luna is the exclusive North American distributor of the Sur Ron bike and we are offering it at incredible direct to the consumer pricing. 
The first few batches of bikes went out to all happy customers. You can see many reviews of the 100's of happy customers on youtube and on the forums.
This ebike is a monster and a bargain and will not disappoint

On any electric bike, you should take a good look at the battery since it is by far the most expensive part of the bike.  Lightweight power dense batteries are not cheap, and if they are cheap they are probably not safe or reliable. The Sur-Ron has a gigantic 60v 32ah pack which is 2000 watt hours. To give you an idea how much range to expect it has 4x the capacity as most of today's production bikes.

We at Luna Cycle are battery experts and know a good battery when we see one and the battery is awesome  what really sold us on this bike.

The battery consists of panasonic PF cells is in a well built case that slides in and out of bike, a microprocessor based battery management system and extra goodness.


This is the best electric bike we have seen out of China at any price. Not only is every detail of the bike thought out, it looks awesome as if yamaha or honda built it.  Mix that with custom built high performance parts and a casted frame and you can see a lot of thought went into this bike. Sur-ron spent a million dollars in tooling to create this bike and you can see it. 

Every detail of this bike is thought out and no expense is spared when needed to make a reliable high performance off road machine.


This bike is a 50cc Honda killer and competitive with 110cc. It is the ultimate little dirt bike perfect for young or inexperienced riders, but also good for just about everyone (great xmas present which you can use yourself).

This electric mini motorcycle is fast, reliable, giant range, and built at a quality that we have never seen before for an EV out of China. 

Sur Ron and Luna have secretly been working on developing this product for the North America market and Luna is the exclusive North American Dealer for this product. 

Luna will also be announcing some exciting new upgrades which will only be available to people who buys their from us. Also we will support the product from here in the USA getting you any warranty replacement parts you might need shipped direct from California.

This bike is built like a tank and we are confident it will provide years of reliable service.

It has one of the best constructed battery packs ever offered in a small EV.

This bike is easy to customize and upgrade, the performance upgrades are limitless from the battery to the controller.

We will be offering an easy to install pedal kit in the next few weeks.

This bike has the capacity to be the ultimate hot rod ebike.

Quick swappable battery pack (we are now offering extra batteries).

Fast 3 hour charging with included high quality 10 amp 600 watt charger.



The Sur-Ron is designed for serious off road riding and we have done tests with many drops that confirm the suspension system on the Sur Ron is rock solid.

The Sur-Ron comes with an 8 inch travel DNM or FASTACE for the back suspension.

RST Killah front suspension


LENGTH: 1870mm
WIDTH: 780mm
HEIGHT: 1040mm
WEIGHT: 50kg
RIM TYPE (FRONT): 19×1.4
RIM TYPE (AFTER): 19×1.4
BRAKE TYPE (FRONT): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake
BRAKE TYPE (REAR): to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake


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